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World famous actor Alec Baldwin discusses the personal transformation he had to undergo in order to survive his divorce with actress Kim Basinger. After a long period of turmoil, Baldwin emerged from the pain of loss, separation and alienation with a new vision of life and a renewed sense of his purpose as a man, an actor, an activist an.d a future political candidate.


New York Times bestseller Send Yourself Roses is Kathleen Turner's personal story with her unique philosophy of life, a self-styled activism which led her to play some of the most unforgettable and outrageous roles written for women in the history of cinema.

Penny Drue Baird, the owner of Dessins, LLC., is an internationally-renowned interior designer, known for her top tier interior design, architectural skills, and vast knowledge of all things French. Her book The New French is an interior design book linking France and interior design, featuring new projects, all with a fresh new look.

Floyd Abrams is considered our country's preeminent First Amendment Lawyer. Speaking Freely contains some of Mr. Abrams' most stirring cases, including the Judith Miller case, the Pentagon Papers and the Brooklyn Museum's display of offensive art.

This historic book, by Admiral William Owens, former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and submarine commander for twenty years, makes the case for a technological and administrative overhaul of the military. Admiral Owens lays the groundwork for our information technology revolutions.


Taste of New York, by Karen Gantz Zahler, reveals closely guarded secrets of New York's superstar chefs and four-star restaurants. Featuring more than 120 seldom revealed recipes, Taste of New York highlights Le Cirque, JoJo, Union Square Cafe, Four Seasons, Mesa Grill, La Grenouille, and lots more.


This book is an enlightening compilation of anecdotes from one of New York's most beloved Broadway column, plus interviews Jeffrey Lyons conducted as a film and theater critic for nearly forty years on TV and radio. The wide range of subjects and the heretofore unknown aspects of stars' lives will take the reader on an incredible journey.


This is the inspirational story of a onetime hero - the toast of New York - trying to turn his life around faced by incredible odds to play major league baseball and now faces even greater challenges to redeem himself. Jeffrey Lyons has an 11-year major league career.


Julie Ross addresses the concerns of parents during the tricky “tween” years. Middle School is a minefield of changing bodies, values and attitudes, and parents of these millions of children are often desperate for practical advice on how to navigate the murky and sometimes turbulent Middle School years.